Football’s Home

[M]any point to sporting success and its ability to unify; the euphoria-fuelled escapism almost serving as a healing to societal ills. While there is no doubt that a lot of hope and joy is derived from sporting triumphs, there is however a fragility to the supposed resulting unity...


Peace at Sea

Have you ever sat and observed the midnight sky, adorned with twinkling stars Transition into a clear blue reflection of the sea beneath, encompassing all that is in between? Have you ever watched the crimson red rays of the sun, stretch across the horizon as each minute passes by, slowly one by one? And just … Continue reading Peace at Sea

Ramadhaan Abroad

Being in Qatar, a Muslim country where the Blessed Month is recognised with reduced hours (though if you have a non-Muslim boss and clients you may, like myself, find that it's often 'business as usual' for some) I expected that this Ramadhaan would be my best yet! There are mosques everywhere, so meeting taraweeh shouldn't be hard, and with longer days, less time at work and no distraction of friends and family (so I thought), I would have time to do all the 'ibaadah I could imagine and more. This was my expectation. The reality, was slightly different...